Our Service

Reliable Service | Solid Performance | Consistent Winners | Substantial Returns

As a client of our service, you can expect to receive between 1-8 selections a day which are sent by email before 10am, in plenty of time before the first race of the day. Since we cannot force profitable situations there will be days when no recommendations are available however we will still notify you by email when such occasions arise.

Our investment selections are proofed to the high standards of Racing-Index.com & Racingproofing.com, so you know you are working with horse racing data that you can trust. Our results are recorded with Betfair Starting Price, but you are more than welcome to switch over to your preferred bookmaker account.

Selections are identified using complex data analysis techniques that we have developed and worked with over the years which enables us to apply real statistics  and uncover trends resulting in highly profitable opportunities.

Our service has proven success, and a track record far beyond what is possible with an uneducated guess:

  • In 2017 we had our biggest winner at massive odds of 163.8 BSP (01/08/2017 Goodwood Breton Rock)
  • The year 2014 was a highly successful one for our clients, with winners at huge prices:
    • See and Be Seen WON @ 38.0 bsp on19th April, 2014 (Bath)
    • Goninodaethat WON @ 39.98 bsp on 14th July 2014 (Ayr)
    • See and Be Seen WON @ 24.06 bsp on 19th July 2014 (Newbury)
    • Speed Check WON @ 55.0 bsp on 31st July 2014 (Stratford)
    • Whispering Harry WON @ 20.6 bsp on 5th November (Chepstow)
  • The average return on investment (win only) was an overwhelming 41%, much more than you would ever dream of seeing back from your high street bank!
  • In 2014 our clients made a profit of 542 points; that’s €5,420 at €10 stakes.

Sherlock Holmes would never make accusations without the data to support his claims. We would never bet on a horse without the data to support ours.