About Us

Hi there,

We are two brothers from Ireland who have a passion for horse racing, and for data analysis. We have harmonized our passions, and have collated and analysed horse racing data for many years. After crunching and scanning every horse racing variable under the sun, we can now say with confidence that we have identified a way to accurately predict the winners, and therefore the profitable opportunities, in UK and Irish horse racing.

We first offered our service in January 2014 to close family and friends, as a way to involve them with highly profitable horse racing investments. After a year of overwhelming feedback, and undeniable results, we decided to take our service to the next level, and to offer it to the general public.

Now, we work full time collecting and analysing the daily race cards, and with time, effort, and our sophisticated data analysis tools, we make our selections. For a fair fee for our services, we share this data with you.

We hope you will join us on our track to success, so that we can involve you in this highly profitable breakthrough in horse racing investment.

All the best,

The Stable Winners Team